New entry in one table automatically update totals in another

I have table ‘Submissions’ that records each item submitted by users. Each entry has the Username of the user who submitted, and a Points value according to the Type of item submitted. I need to aggregate the Points for each user in a separate table.

The other table is ‘User Points Table’ and so far I have had to establish the links to ‘Submissions’ manually. ‘User Points’ has one line for each Username and column for Submissions (linked to each entry for that Username in the Submissions table) and one for Score, which is a Rollup of the Points field from the Submissions table.

What I need is for the User Points table Score to update automatically every time a new entry is added to the Submissions table.

I would have thought this is possible but I can’t seem to make it work. Is it possible?

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I believe your trouble is because in the Submissions you’re typing the username into the primary field instead of just doing it directly in the link to the User Points Table field.