New Feature: Announcing Airtable's Miro Integration

Hi everyone! My name is Evan and I’m a product manager at Airtable focused on helping our users build useful connections between their most critical data sources and processes.

I’m excited to jump in and introduce our newest integration with Miro!

We know that a lot of your work can also happen outside of Airtable, so we want to make it easier for you to connect work happening across tools. With this new integration, you can easily capture freeform ideas from Miro into Airtable and transform them into structured data that can be categorized and analyzed – and then plugged into your workflows. That way, you and your team can always stay aligned with the most up-to-date information and achieve your best work.

To get started – Click the “+ Add or import” button inside a base and look for Miro under the sync source options. (You might have to mouse over the “More…” opinion in the menu.)

We won’t be formally launching this integration until later this week, but wanted to share it here first to get your thoughts. We’re excited for you to try this out and hope it’ll improve your experience across both tools.

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Hey Evan, thanks for the update. Very cool.

I recently migrated to Whimsical. It doesn’t look like they have a public API yet that would allow the same functionality, but I’m crossing my fingers. :crossed_fingers:

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I hadn’t heard of Miro until this post, and it looks interesting! I’ve had a quick test of this Airtable integration - testing how text string data written in Miro would then sync into my Airtable Base, but as read-only. Is the reverse true, where users can build their Miro Project, then sync to Airtable, and update/change/maintain that data within Airtable so that it then displays back in Miro?

I’m sure I can wait for the next What’s New In 2 presentation to whip-through the features. :blush:

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Could you please clarify? Do you mean that you won’t be launching until later this week? Or do you mean that you do not have a launch date yet?

Can you elaborate a bit on how you see the Miro Sync integration working in conjunction with the Miro App? If people make changes to the Miro board using the app, does it still take 5 minutes for the automatic sync to kick in and propagate the changes to the synced table?

Ah thanks for the catch! We won’t be formally launching the integration until later this week :slight_smile:

The Miro app is separate from the Miro sync source – it will indeed take five minutes to sync data through, though you can always trigger a manual sync to get it in sooner.

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@Karlstens this is a one-way integration at this time, we don’t let you make edits in AT that will flow back to Miro unfortunately.

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Thanks for clarifying - and you still have my interest in this project, I’ll need to make time to test Miro some more.

I noticed that if I create a table in Miro, that the text (or the table) isn’t sync’d to Airtable. Is this being considered?

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@Karlstens It’s something we’re open to exploring, but we’re still discussing how to render that in Airtable. (Try to fit all the data from the table into a single Content cell in AT? Break each cell in the Miro table out as a separate record in Airtable? Create a separate table in Airtable for each table in Miro? There are a few options, and we haven’t nailed down one we love yet.)


Finally we get some insight in why some things are taking time and what challenges/doubts Airtable’s having when developing things. Good evolution imo :muscle:


omg!!! no complaints from me that’s for sure. love this feature and all the future iterations of it!

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