New Feature: Search for field names in Grid View

Hello everybody! :tada:

I’m Sean, an engineer here at Airtable, and I’m excited to share a small (but hopefully mighty :crossed_fingers:) change we made recently to grid view.

Have you ever had a lot of fields in a view, and had difficulty finding the field? Well now searching (with CMD-F / CTRL-F) will highlight fields as well as cells:

Zooming into the exciting part:

You might also notice that we added summary information at the bottom. The number of cells found (in case you relied on how many “matches” were found previously), as well as how many matching records and fields there are!


Very nice addition!! Thank you


Hey @SeanKeenan!

Gotta love the ole’ overnight deployment to prod.
Excited to take a look at this functionality. As always, we appreciate the work and refinement.

Be sure to send a Slack with kudos to your team and your PM for the lift on this one!


Cheers for this. My base users are very big on the search, and thanks to your efforts I’ll look extra swank when I demonstrate this feature to them next week.

Excellent work. :coffee:


Yesss! Thanks a bunch for this!


Wow, this is a fantastic addition to the product! :smiley: :raised_hands:

Thanks so much for adding this, @SeanKeenan! :partying_face: :star2:

This will be extraordinarily helpful, and the addition of that summary bar information is absolutely incredible! :sunglasses: :sunny: :dark_sunglasses: :lotion_bottle: This will be really really helpful to let us know that even though a particular search term might have shown up 15 times on the grid view, that it was really only from 3 unique records.

Truly wonderful additions! :smiling_face: :stars: :sparkler:


Thank you, searching for a field’s location was really time consuming. :star_struck::raised_hands::clap:


Yes, since 2018.

I appreciate the new feature greatly, but Airtable should have considered a framework for building features like this instead of getting around to them one by one over a decade. There are easily 50 similar productivity-related things that could be built if your aftermarket developers simply had access to the internals you used to build this one very useful feature.

Build for the future by building features that let users help themselves. Had you done this, tens of thousands of users would have been searching for fields for the past 1700 days.


Thanks @SeanKeenan! Looks great.


Great addition, thanks!


Thank you for this info! Knowing the number of matching records in addition to the number of instances is really helpful.


It’s a great day in Airtable land today!! We need 100 more @SeanKeenan’s on the team!! And 100 more @Jordan_Scott1’s while we’re at it!


Simple, useful updated. Nice to hear from the team working on the smaller-scale updates here in the forums!


OMG, easily one of the top 5 features I was waiting for! That’s going to save a ton of time :slight_smile:


To @Bill.French’s point above:

I am pretty much accustomed to it by now after many years of being a top Airtable consultant, but it is always disappointing & depressing to me that Airtable has a long & well-documented history of ignoring most (if not all) customer feature requests.

Personally, I have never experienced this before with any other software product I’ve worked with, and I have been doing tech consulting/development/support for almost 40 years. It makes me want to cry more than it makes me want to shout in anger.

It feels like the internal attitude at Airtable must be “we know better than our customers”, instead of “we would love to hear from & learn from our customers”.

As one example of this (and of course, there are hundreds of examples to choose from), this thread just resurfaced the other day.

My clients have never requested this particular feature before, although I can see how it would be useful for people. This thread has been going on for 6 years and includes 109 people who have requested this feature. Airtable has never replied to the thread nor have they implemented the feature.

Note that this pales in comparison to the number of people who have been clamoring for other, even more important, features & fixes in other 6-year-old threads.

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