New Field: Color 🌈


I’d like to suggest and request a new, COLOR field, that can be set to accept various color values/standards, previewing the resulting color full-cell.

At minimum, I’d expect this field to support the same color strings/syntax as the current Color Palette block, but ideally many more color standards. A deal with Pantone/X-Rite would allow PMS/TCX lookup, something we’ve had to build-out manually, and without the benefit of any real end-to-end color management.

Adding this would make Airtable the immediate leader within the creative/product sector. We deal with color calculations daily.




I started to draft a similar suggestion — much more poorly, though — yesterday, thinking it could make a nice addition to a base used to maintain inventory of any sort of accumulation. In particular, I was thinking of the clothing items in my Wardrobe Manager base, but the ability to sort and arrange items by like or complimentary colors would have much applicability. I realize my needs and your are somewhat orthogonal, but I would expect the underlying code to be similar.

I’d like to lobby for a ‘eye-dropper’ color-pick mechanism, as well.


Agreed, the ability to filter and group by color, and to control the granularity, would be amazing! Combined with the Vision Block, Airtable could become a lightweight product DAM or color LUT.


I’d just like to be able to enter a hex code in a field and be able to see some kind of visual indication of what that color looks like, and maybe to have a color picker that could pop up to change what the entered hex code


Hexadecimal is fine for web/dev use, I guess. I could see an implementation like Slack’s. But doesn’t begin to address our color needs. We work in many colorspaces; TCX/TPX, through LAB/RGB/PMS, to GRACoL.