New Filter Options for Linked Records

As we all know, linked records are a big part of what makes Airtable special. At the same time, we know they haven’t always been the easiest to use in the context of filters. Well, we have a new feature that’s been a long time coming!

Starting today, you have the option to choose specific linked records within your filters. You have access to 4 new operators:

  • “has any of…,”
  • “has all of…,”
  • “is exactly…,”
  • “has none of…“

These new operators are also available within automations when you create a conditional trigger, as well as in interface designer (in both dynamic filter elements & statically in the properties panel for an element that accepts a filter, such as grid, timeline, etc).

These updates are available for customers on all plan types and should be available later today, if you are not seeing these changes reflected, please try clearing your cache.


THIS. IS. AWESOME. :partying_face: :sparkles: :tada: :raised_hands: :medal_military:


Just did a test to confirm that making these selections ties to the record’s ID, not its name. That means you no longer have to worry about renaming a record and accidentally breaking your filters. Nice!


Thanks - this will help to cut down on bloat and cruft.

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This is GREAT! :tada:
Also, like your screen shot that displays the new layout for Data, Automations & Interfaces :grin:


This is a great release on the quality of life front!
Kudos to the product team!

I did notice a few things @Scott_White.

If you are looking at another user’s personal view, you have the ability to add new linked records to the filter.
You are unable to remove any of the linked record filter conditions even if you are the user that added them.


Loving the cadence of updates lately!


I’m wondering if this gives the ability to have field dependent selections available? Perhaps it brings us a step closer via a Script, I think it might be possible.

Very keen to read of how the community will utilise these improved linked field filters within their workflows.


Thanks for the bug report, @Ben.Young! Just fixed the personal & locked views problem :smile:


This is great, Scott! Thank you!

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This has been fixed!


@Scott_White and @Tim_Deng

Thank you for a fantastic job on making linked records even more powerful in our bases! :smiley: :raised_hands:

And now for the big feature request that would take linked records to the highest level of all: Can you please give us dynamic linked record options based on the value in another field?


Very nice, good work! :muscle: :raised_hands:


For the new feature, I’ll just leave these here:


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Will “has all of” become a filteroption for other types of filters to?

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Airtable seem to be in overdrive at the moment. Some nice new features being released!

(Please let us add weekday to a date field soon though!)

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Was excited to apply this to a specific, messy workaround I’m using, before realising it doesn’t apply to linked records in a lookup. Possibility of implementing this in the future?


Admittedly, this is exactly why I visited this thread, hoping that this workflow had now opened up to us.

From my poking about, this much needed feature of interdependent linked records is still lacking. :sleepy:

@Scott_White and @Tim_Deng regarding this excellent filter work - one thing that’s bugged me from time to time, is that an “empty” option is missing from “has any of” / “has none of”, as often I need to filter my terms along with empty records. Would it be possible to patch this into filters?

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I moved to coda a few months ago because of this missing functionality. My first post to the community forum was this ask. After years of hawking the forum and scripted email responses, Airtable and I are beginning to part ways.

PS thanks for the warm community welcome @ScottWorld


How are you enjoying Coda?