New Free plan disadvantages

New Free plan offers maximum of 5 editors or creators, 1 app per base, and 1 sync integration. Any disadvantages?

The disadvantage is that the old free plan allowed for unlimited editors & creators. If you will always have 5 or fewer editors & creators, go ahead and change plans.

However, if you change your mind and eventually want more editors or creators, you will not be able to change your workspace to the legacy free plan. I suggest that instead you keep your old free workspace and open a new free workspace. Then move your bases into the new free workspace to access the new features. That way if you ever decide that you don’t need the new features but do need more editors/collaborators, you will still have the old workspace move back to.


Ah yes, I thought we had option for unlimited editors & creators but didn’t look into it. Thank you for clarifying!

That’s a brilliant idea for the best of both worlds! It’s interesting how one can retain features from old free workspaces. I would assume that the entire account would be transitioned over, not just each workspace. Anyway, beneficial to know.

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