New: Google Sheets importer

A feature just launched today that will help you import entire Google Sheets as either a new base, or as tables within an existing base.

This feature is similar to our recently launched Excel importer with much of the same functionality. You can learn more about importing your Sheets into Airtable in this support article.

Let us know how it’s working for you and how we improve!


Only some of my text data imports from Google Sheet into Airtable.
In some cases, it’s an entire column and other cases, only some of the data within a column. This is a major problem that makes this tool unusable

It doesn’t working for me at all. I keep getting a google 400 error

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@Scott_Cohen @Syndi_Texeira Sorry you’re running into some trouble! Would you like me to have our support team reach out to you to help troubleshoot?

I get the same error. I have multi-factor authentication (MFA) enabled for my google account. Perhaps that’s the problem?

I’m getting the same error with Google.

I’m also getting it in other spots where I’m trying to access Google (e.g. trying to connect a sheet in an automation). I do currently have other automations set up with google that seem to still be working, I just can’t set up new ones (and I don’t want to risk editing the working ones).
@Peter_Carr @Syndi_Texeira - did anyone end up getting this error resolved?

Hi @Peter_Carr @Angelie_Peterson,

We can best help you troubleshoot any issues if you reach out to our support team. You can contact us through the in-app help menu found at the top-right hand corner of any Airtable screen.