New: Quick Groups

TL;DR: We’ve added a new way to quickly group your data in Airtable.

Hi Airtable community! My name is Sean and I’m an engineer here at Airtable, focused on finding ways to make Airtable easier to use for everyone.

In interviews with users across the board, we’ve heard lots of feedback about confusion with our groups, sorting, and filtering. New users were especially confused with understanding how these features worked and were afraid to test them out for fear of “breaking everything”.

With that in mind, we’re in the process of rolling out two features we’re calling “Quick groups” and “quick sort”.

Simply put, we’ll make some suggestions based on existing, easily groupable (or sortable) fields already in your base. For example, we’ll recommend grouping by fields such as single-select fields, linked records, and more.

And if you want to group by a field we haven’t suggested, clicking “See all fields” will let you do just that. For sorting, you’ll see an option to sort by every field with a single click.

Quick groups are currently available to all workspaces. Quick sort is currently available to 50% of workspaces, with plans to reach 100% in coming weeks.

Let me or Jordan know if you’ve got any feedback.




Welcome to the Airtable community forums!

Thank you for letting us know about this new feature. I’ve played with it a bit and it is really helpful.


Really enjoyed seeing this change! I did find it a little cumbersome to find, click, then search within the ‘see all fields’ menu. I wonder if it might be simpler to move that option to the top so that it’s always in a consistent location?

Hi Sean, I’m really curious what type of field you used right next to the field Task. It seems to be a Long text field that contains tick boxes that are both empty and filled, and also the text is perfectly aligned.
Could you tell me how you did that?


This is a Long text field with the Enable rich text formatting toggle turned on. This field is also sometimes called Rich text. This support page has more info.

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Gosh!! I never knew this (the info on the specific support page! Thanks so much.

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