"New Record" ("Add record") button and shortcut


I’d like a “New Record” (“Add record”) button (icon) on the top beside the View-Name and before the “Hide fields”.
A shortcut would be handy, too - ‘ctrl+N’ maybe.

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I’ve seen a new ‘add record’ button appear at the bottom of some of my views recently, but it doesn’t seem to appear on all of my views. Wondering how to enable it on all views!

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That sounds like a really interesting new feature. Would you mind sharing a screen capture?

It’s on the Gallery & Kanban views, in the lower right corner. It’s been there for a while.

Figured it out, it only shows when you have grouped views that are grouping by a calculated field.

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Wow, didn’t know that one! Very cool! It would be nice if that plus sign was ALWAYS on the grid view.

Yeh I agree. I was hoping it was!

Thank you for the screen capture! I haven’t seen that before and often have records grouped by a calculated field. I’ll have to look for it.

Airtable is known for quietly testing/rolling out new features, and this looks like a nice one. It vaguely reminds me of the new record button in the iOS app.

This comment provides a clue:

When records are grouped by calculated fields, new records cannot be directly added in that view. It’s a limitation of how groups behave, and I don’t think that’s going to change. You’ll have to switch to a view where there’s either no grouping, or just no grouping by a calculated field.