New record in filtered view


Many blank records are unwillingly created when my staff try to create a record in a filtered view. For example, if the filtered field is “status” and he/she create a record without inputing the status field, then a blank record is created and filtered behind the view. He/she doesn’t know this issue because the record is already filtered.
I think Airtable should make a function to “confirm the entry” before the record is filtered. Or any other solution for this?


As a workaround, you could Group by Status, so on creating a record, the Status is added.


In my Wardrobe Manager base, I set the topmost field in my default (first-listed) views to be an alert field. That field displays a warning message bracketed with Fire emojis (:fire:) whenever any of a number of likely data input errors is encountered. (For instance, in your case one of the triggers might be

IF({status}=BLANK(),':fire::fire: Error message :fire::fire:','')


I also roll-up such error messages from several tables usually accessed as a drill-through from the main data entry table and concatenate them as an overall {alert} that displays on the main record. You can see an example of this by following the above link and selecting ‘Explore the base’; the first record in the second kanban column displays a ‘no contact’ alert. This is an alert generated by the linked [out] table record that I pull through to the [garment] record.

Admittedly, it’s not as fool-proof as full-blown data validation would be, but in generating the alert I am able to provide feedback to the user before he or she exits the detail window during record creation.


The most obvious suggestion is the create a form from where your staff has to create new records.
In the form you will be able to make the “status” a compulsory record.


Four relevant feature requests:

  1. Have a default value for a Single Select field. (I’m assuming that “status” is a Single Select field. If it is Single line text, then you can specify the default text.)

  2. A new record shouldn’t be saved until the user presses “Enter”.

  3. Have Filters work the same as how Sort currently works: Don’t automatically apply the filter on newly-created records.

  4. A new record could default to those field values that are specified in the filter as “=” or “is”. For example, if the current view is filtered by “Status=Active” and “Entry Date= today”, then any new record created in that view would have “Active” and “today” by default.

One more thing: The newly-created, filtered-out record is not necessarily blank. You can create a record with some field values if you start entering data immediately after creating a new row, and then (after a second or two) the record will be filtered out if the relevant fields don’t have values corresponding to the filter.


Is there any improvement or a better way to do this then a form?
My (and the trivial use-case):
I have many projects and each has its own view. When I want to add a task to a project, I would expect to automatically have the current grouped and filtered fields, anything else is really making a mess/takes way too much work for simple record additions.