New Record Wizard Script Demo

Here is a demo of a script that I am working on.

This script creates a new record and all associated linked records in other tables.

  • Default values are set in a “template” record, not hard coded into the script
  • “Smart” defaults can be calculated values, such as the current date
  • New linked records are created, including multiple levels of links
  • Changing the defaults or linked records requires no editing of code
  • Multiple templates are possible

Some notes:

  • Initial table/view/template can be hard-coded if desired to speed up data entry.
  • Minor design changes to the base are required for some functionality (mostly creating new formula fields).
  • The script only adds new records; it does not alter any existing records.

I am not releasing this script yet, as I still want to tweak some aspects. The script is also extremely long and represents many, many hours of work.

I look forward to hearing what people think of this script. If you are interested in beta testing the script, please let me know.


This is super dope @kuovonne!!!

Hi @kuovonne,

Oh, how could I not have seen that on March 13th?
That’s the major problem of Show & Tell: a gem like this is drowned in the “Product Suggestions” that I can’t yet filter out!

Yes I think I got enough Use Cases to ask you to be a Beta Tester !