New to Airtable, Hopefully not too green around the gills


Hi, I am new to airtable and currently using it as a tool to help me organize better - as well as being a pilot for collaboration solution.

I know this is a very basic question, but as I’m working with bases, I’m trying to figure out if it is possible to link information from different bases? It seems like I’m adding a lot of tables to one base because I don’t want to have information I need in two different places …

My first base is a project management (of sorts) where I have high level task categories that also has action level tasks. It includes contacts etc. I am hoping to use Airtable to manage a grant process (where I will have CSV data to import, that will be the scores from a team of reviewers. I want to be able to import their scores and then manipulate their scores to get averages and such - but I also want to be able to give each reviewer a copy of their scores.

I am hoping the webinar I’m taking Friday will answer some of this stuff.

Is their an amateur’s lounge???

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