New to Airtable... Looking for insight into making a user-friendly interface for my employees

Hello All! Sorry for the extremely general topic… but I feel like I might be missing something…

I have a team of employees and we work in a distribution business. I am trying to create a unified platform so that my employees can enter information regarding quotes and pricing. I am somewhat familiar with database structure, so the mechanics of creating the application are fairly clear to me.

The piece that I feel I am missing is this: Is there a way to create a user-friendly input method without giving users access to all of the backend mechanics? My concern is (from past experience), users will tend to enter things in the wrong fields or overwrite data accidentally. Other applications I have used (AppSheet, most recently), separate the backend data from the UX components. Is there something similar with Airtable? Do I need to use a 3rd party application in order for users to enter / interact with data?

I have tried using the “Interfaces”, which are very nice, but my understanding is that they do not allow entry of new records. Here is a basic rundown of what I would like a user to be able to do:

Select a customer account or add a new account
Create a new “Quote” record containing multiple line-items
Add line items using the Grid View (to enable the ability to paste multiple entries)
Modify those line items to include cost and pricing information

If anyone can point me in the right direction, I would be very appreciative!

For now there is no built-in way to achieve what you are looking for here - you’ll have to make use of a third-party app such as MiniExtensions, Stacker, Softr or Pory.

Thanks very much for your response, I’ll have a look at those options.

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