New User- Monthly Calendar

I am probably overthinking this but I am new here and just want to start out using a basic monthly calendar to use for checking off tasks. Can someone direct me to what form to use? Thanks so much.

Hi Judy,

I’d recommend checking out Airtable 101 webinars at

We cover creating a project tracker in that session :slight_smile:


Want to learn Airtable? Join me for a webinar at

Thanks Aron I will check it out but I would like to look at this immediately. I have to figure this out today. Can you manually send me the webinar?

Judy Malone

Hi @Judy_Malone

The link that @Aron provided also includes some past webinars you can watch on-demand. There are also many on Airtable’s YouTube channel. Two that seem like they might be relevant to using the calendar feature are:

  1. Webinar: Using Airtable for project management
  2. Webinar: Getting started as a content marketing team

If this answers your question, please consider marking it as “solution”. If not, I’m happy to work with you further. Thanks!

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