New: video playback support

Quick announcement: we’ve just updated attachment fields to support playback of video files. So now, in addition to organizing your videos in your Airtable bases, you can also watch them inside your Airtable bases.


Yay!!! This is super duper awesome. :slight_smile:

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This feature still isn’t working for me, I have tried to trouble shoot, but not sure where I am going wrong. I even tried creating a brand new base to test this feature out, and it still isn’t allowing playback on my video attachments.


You may want to reach out to Airtable Support at, and report back here to let us know what they say!

Great feature! Any plan to display the movie as a thumbnail or filmstrip inside the cell?


For which video file formats is playback supported? I didn’t find that info, sorry.

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Welcome to the community, @RDB! :smiley: The attachment field docs mention this:

Video files (HTML5 format, which is browser dependent)

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TL;DR I’m creating a browser extension that plays videos in Airtable lists (no need to open the record).

I use videos attachments in Airtable to update my own listing of freelance artists portfolios.
When my team and I need to discuss hiring and collaborations we want to see all portfolios in one glance, so we set up a Gallery view.
The fact that animated GIFs play automatically but not videos is not great, for us.

So I decided to create a solution.
For the moment I have a Chrome browser extension that automatically displays the video attachments and autoplays them (muted).

Yes, now Airtable plays video attachments in the browser, but you still need to either open the parent record or click on the video for that. My tool autoplays the videos in the record list.

Limitations: in its current form it requires you to input your Airtable API credentials, which is why I haven’t published it yet - just figuring out how to handle things in a secure way.
Also it works only for the Gallery views, but I think Grid views support shouldn’t be difficult.

I’d be interested to know how many people are interested in this, as at the moment I am merely developing this for myself.

Check out the proof of concept (first I show animated GIFs then videos, before and after enabling the browser extension): Airtable video preview - Chrome extension - devlog (v0.2.0) - YouTube


I attach an .mp4 video file on my Mac using the web browser version of airtable, and it plays back the video there fine, but when I try to play the video on my iPhone, it doesn’t playback.

Until this is fixed, the work around for me is to hit the Share button and then send it to myself via text message, which then does play it back.

This would be of big help for those who do content publishing in Airtable.

Our main limitation is that Airtable doesn’t show thumbnails, so this would be a good solution to that problem too

In the Desktop App, .mov files

don’t show.
Is that because .mov isn’t mentioned in Wikipedia browser list, or because the Desktop App follows different rules?