New View Created Date

Is it possible to have a second date created for a record, one that adds a new date when that record gets moved to a new view? What I want is for my editors to be able to check “accepted” in the New table and see the new date in the Accepted table.

I’m assuming by Date you mean a record which describes a date.

Set up an automation that triggers when a record from your [New] table has its status set to “accepted”. Add a Create Record action step that includes whatever field values you want from the trigger record.

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Thanks! But yikes, this would be my first automation. I have upgraded to a paid plan so I think I should be able to do it, but do you know where I could find good instructions for automation newbies? :fearful:

Always start with Airtable’s own help articles for explanations of their features.

@Gareth_Pronovost and @Justin_Barrett both have channels on youtube (Gareth Pronovost and All About That Base, respectively) that explain Airtable legibly for new users.

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Thank you! I’ll start there to set up the automation.