New View widget / panel whatever it is

Yesterday 6/4/2020 a new view chooser (not sure what to call it) popped up. It used to be a simple drop down box which worked fine. Now I have this side panel that pops up and stays there. I hate this… I hate all extra mouse clicks, now have have to do extra mouse clicks to hide this. Any way to disable this?


I agree, it’s the worst. Please join the discussion here:


Thanks ScottWorld, I tried searching a few different things before posting but could not find anything it. Did not realize it was called sidebar.

One good idea on the other threads is to have this slide over the top of your table, and then autohide after your selection. I like that idea. Having it shift your table over and stay there is crap. We don’t all have 3’ wide monitors.

@James_Steed Please post your comments in that other thread — the Airtable Support Team is reading that other thread.

Same here- hate this side panel popping out every time page is re-opened.
Have to keep closing it. Please remove it from been active by default.
It’s 1000x more annoying than useful.

where is it?! how do you enable it?! i’ve been wanting it for ages…