Newbie fail - blocks not showing in shared bases

Sorry I do search the help topics honestly - why is that I cannot see blocks - it is in a base that has been shared with me, the lady who has shared it is a pro user, I am a pro user, we work for the same organisation collaborating on the same base but because it’s showing as a shared base rather than in my pro workspace I cannot see the blocks :frowning: - any ideas? Coincidently when I share a base with her she can see the blocks whereas I just get an option to upgrade

Hi @Michelle_King

First, to be able to figure out what the problem is, you need to understand the billing strategy of Airtable. There is no “pro user”, there is Pro Workspace. Meaning, having a Pro account on one workspace doesn’t automatically make you pro user on all the workspaces or any base that is shared with you.

That being said, the base shared with you is not in a pro workspace that is for sure, it is probably duplicated into another free workspace then shared with you.

If you both work for the same organization, then you should have all the bases related to that organization in one Workspace to avoid double billing.

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Ok so in theory everything from a Pro Work Space shared to a different user will still have Blocks working? We are a very small charity and Airtable is being amazing at supporting us through CoVid does that mean that where it says billable collaborator that I should be paying for their account?

Yes, everything in a workspace that is on the Pro Plan will be available to any collaborator [quote=“Michelle_King, post:3, topic:31502”]
does that mean that where it says billable collaborator that I should be paying for their account?

Billable collaborator is who they bill you for. But since they are supporting you then I dont know how they manage it, probably one workspace is for free and it doesnt matter how many users are collabs on bases in this workspace.

If you can show me a screenshot of your workspace and a screenshot of the other workspace I can explain more

No idea why its not showing - i wonder if its because of the type of account we have having been donated fingers crossed we are only charged for the 1 at the end of it else theres no way we can afford to keep using it

You can always go to Account page and see the workspace you have, which one is on free and which is in Pro, and the billable users in that workspace.

So the blocks she shares with me come up in a shared with me section rather than my main space - i have 1 paid for and loads unpaid for which I mostly use for filing and then put them into the paid space whilst in use - when i look at the accounts page it shows her and it shows bases i have created in the billable section but doesn’t show me anything that she has created

Yes , it will not show you what is in her workspace, she has to check it.

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