Newbie in desperate need of help BC customer service can't help?


I’m very frustrated so I’m hoping someone can help us since we were told that even though we pay for this, customer service CANNOT help us… :disappointed:

We are a non-profit. We have a base called: Events → People → Items. We collect donations and then give them out at events to mothers/guardians. I need to track each mother/guardian’s request and what they actually got at each event.

Events Page – I need this page to give me a snapshot of the number of people who attended, the names of who attended, what they asked for and what they actually got.

*I tried putting a screen shot but was told I could only do 1?

a) I need to have each person counted separately so how do I change this so that each person is a single entry and not all put into one block?

b) The Items actually received column is blank and not carrying over from the mother’s page.

c) I don’t know why I have Mother/Guardian listed twice (two columns). Do I need the second one all the way to the right?

Mother/Guardian Page – I need this page to capture each mother/guardian who applies for items, what they asked for (each time not collectively) and what they got each time (again each time not collectively). I also need this page to track for me what events they registered for and did not attend.

Here is a screen shot of the ‘second page’ of the base:

a) I have a column (not shown) for the Mother/Guardian’s DOB. Is it possible to make this column to take the date but also give/update her age?

b) Is there a way to have a Child’s DOB column and have that column do the same thing and have it update/give the child’s age? I created a Names & D.O.B. for Children but thing I need to do a 1st child – 5th Child column to break it down and track it.

c) The Actual Items Received column on this page is not right and it’s not editable. How do I fix this column so I don’t have to manually enter it every time?

d) How do I input more than one event for a mother? I tried putting two events for Elayne Beauchamps and all the items she requested in July came up as August (i.e. Bassinet, Diapers 1 & 2, Wipes, Stroller).

e) Is there a way to set up a form that the mothers/guardians can fill out when they register for the event that will help me autofill what they are asking for so I don’t have to manually enter it each month? How do I do that?

Items Page – I need this page to help me figure out what is being asked for and who is getting it if we have it in stock.

a. How do I make this page/option allow me to say if someone gets more than 1 of an item (say Rose C gets 2 size 6 diapers)?

b. Is there a way to link this base with our inventory base so we don’t have to keep inputting the data all over the place

c. Is there a way to set up a form that we can send out that let’s the mother/guardian request items so we’re not inputting it manually 2x a month?

Thanks for any help!!!