Newbie needs help subtracting from a total collumn

Hello fellow airtablers…

So, im new to airtable, and i want to set up a base for tracking goods in our warehouse…

So I made a row called “total in stock” and now i wonder if its possible to set up another row, that will subtract the number entered, from the “total in stock” row?
The number entered here, would preferably dissapear afterwards, so that if someone else picks up from the same item, they can also put in the ammount, and it would get subtracted from the total…

Hope I explained this understandable, and that someone is able to help.

Have a good day everyone

Hi @Tor_Arne_Larsen,

You can create a formula field and reference each field with a - operator. Something like this:

{total in stock} - {field to subtract from stock}

If you need to have cumulative number to subtract what I’d recommend you do is set up another table with at least 2 fields. One that contains the number that you want to subtract from your total stock and then another linked field to your table where you are inputting your total stock. You can then link these records to which ever stock item you are subtracting from. On the stock table you would create a roll up field from the linked field that you have just created and use the sum aggregation formula as follows: SUM(values)

Use this field in your subtraction formula and keep a running total.

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Thank you, I didnt quite get it to work as described, but thats just because im new, and not too familiar with roll up…

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