Newbie: set column width of grid in mobile app?

How do I adjust the grid width of a field the mobile (iPhone) app? When I touch the grid header I can slide the column to a new location, but no amount of fiddling seems to affect the width of the field.


Hi @Doug_Brower

I think you might only be able to widen columns by using the desktop version.

Even then, you will have to check if the columns will remain the same width on your mobile device.

The desktop app version is free.

Hope this helps

Mary Kay

The Grid view type is shown as a card list on mobile. What you mean?

Thank you for your prompt responses. When I open Airtable on the iPhone (v 3.7.6) and select the base I’m currently building, I’m directed to a screen labeled Grid View. I’d like to be able to adjust the width of the columns. Thanks again!

Hi @Doug_Brower

I took a screenshot of how the database looks like. Is this how your database looks like, too? If so, the only way to change the width of the columns is by using the desktop top version. You would place your curser in between the columns, until the curser pointer changes to an arrow, then you can widen the column, but I don’t know if it will keep the same width in the mobile version.


Yes, exactly. Thank you for your help! I’ll investigate the issue on the desktop.

That is just a name (could be anything you’d set). Your image shows a Card layout, it’s not a grid.


You are correct @Elias_Gomez_Sainz. I will include screenshot showing a grid view.

@Doug_Brower, you may have already figured things out, but I am attaching a screenshot of a grid view. If it’s not needed, then someone else may find this post beneficial.

Thank you,