Next due date for monthly Rent

Hi Guys,

Need some help, new to Airtable. I am trying to create a formula to update a next due date for monthly rent from a contract start date instead of manually updating the dates monthly. The columns i have is Contract start date and Rent due date.


Hi. Is the next date always a month in the future, no matter the weekday it falls on? If so, this problem is easily addressable.

Welcome to the community, @Pidah_Tnadah! :smiley: It looks like you wrote to me directly for help with this shortly after posting this thread. For the benefit of others who may find this, here’s the formula that I shared with you in our conversation:

DATEADD({Contract Starts}, DATETIME_DIFF(TODAY(), {Contract Starts}, "months") + 1, "months")

Screen Shot 2021-02-22 at 9.09.50 AM

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