Next year's anniversary where this years is based on a formula

I have a marriage date for some people and no date for others. I created a field called THIS YEARS ANNIVERSARY as shown below.
IF({Marriage Date},DATETIME_PARSE(
{Marriage Date},
’ '&

I need a formula for NEXT year’s anniversary. If THIS YEARS ANNIVERSARY was a simple date field, I know how to use the DATE_Add formula but I am struggling with how to use the DATE Add formula to this formula field so it is also seen as a date so I can use it as a date field in a calendar.

Any help would be appreciated.

Your current formula creates a valid datetime, so you can use DATEADD() in another field to add one year for next year’s anniversary.

Another option would be to modify the formula above to automatically shift to show next year’s anniversary once the current year’s anniversary has passed.

I have to echo @Justin_Barrett’s comment here. I like the option to set it up where it adjusts to the next year once the anniversary has passed. I did something something very similar for birthdays and it worked great! It was pretty much a birthday countdown calendar for people I worked with.


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That’s what I ended up doing and it works great. Thanks to everyone.

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