No formula field? And some others


Why there is no formula field, when i try to create new field?
There is 23 types of field in web and 18 in app.


Not being able to view Formula fields on iOS seems like a pretty bad miss. Use cases seem pretty common… See caculated tax included totals on a table of Quotes or Invoices, for example… or in my case generate a URL based on the ID of a field that links to a Node app that uses the (easy to use!) Airtable API to generate documents. Until that feature’s added, I really can’t justify spending money on Airtable because it just doesn’t fit the workflow I need… but it’s so painfully close! Google Sheets offers better flexibility there, an iOS app that shows Formula results (and wow! you can even edit the formulas!), and a fairly useable API as well, and it’s free, so despite Sheet’s super ugly UI, janky scroll in browser, and lack of useful field types it’s what I’ll be using till I can see Airtable Formula results in iOS.


I’m feeling a bit sorry to say that since I discovered the limitations of the iOS app’, I barely use it anymore :confused: . Just to consult data. :confused:.

There are too many things missing : some views and type of fields mostly, no access to hidden fields, formulas… we can’t even customize the checkbox field…

I like to watch a movie in the evening. During the movie, I like to “prepare” my bases for the morning to come : things I want to add, modify, quick corrections… just tiny little improvements. It relaxes me. :slightly_smiling_face:
I was hoping to do that on my iPad while the movie is running on my Mac.
Well, I saddly simply can’t :confused: .

Because of the “expanded view only” even adding data to a base on iOS is not very comfortable. I do it only if there is only one or maybe 2 records to add.

I’m very disappointed in the iOS app’.
Airtable in itself is great :+1: :smile: and helps me a lot in many ways :smile:

So, I’m just keeping my hopes up concerning the iOS app’ :slight_smile: