No matter what I type it disappears

Each time I type date into one of the boxes and then either tab to a new box or click it any data I input is now gone. I get this message Record filtered: no longer visible on this views filter and willl be hidden when you select another record???

Hi @Sherri_Donovan

I would suggest that you also contact Airtable Support at

Hope this also helps.

Mary Kay

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It sounds like you are entering data while on a filtered view. Because the record no longer meets the filter criteria, it is hidden as soon as you move away from that record.

Try using a different view that doesn’t have a filter on it. Or remove the filter for the current view. You will probably see all those records that previously disappeared on you when you do.

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Hi @Sherri_Donovan @kuovonne

The other thing I do is, I create a view, if it’s not there, called “All Records” and I am able to see all the records in that base.

It seems to work for me.

Hope this suggestion helps, too.

Mary Kay