No "My First Workspace" option

I’m new to Airtable and have only used bases shared with me. I created my own base, and need to make it private. A colleague told me to move it to “My First Workspace”…however I don’t have that workspace as an option.

Hey @Tarah_Kendall!

Despite having individual bases that are shared with you, you do not have a workspace until you create a new workspace yourself.

You can do that by using either of the two options shown in my screenshot below.

Thanks for the response…I did see that option and started with that, however when I add one it comes at a price after a 14-day trial. My whole team is telling me there’s a free “my first workspace” option that should be included

Hmmm… interesting.

Under a free plan, you don’t have to do not ever need to pay for workspaces unless you hit usage limits.

Could you please take a screenshot of the dialog that pops up when you try to create the workspace?

After I created the one I created, I see this message as well

Ah, yeah you’re fine then!

The way that Airtable pricing works is based on individual workspaces.

For example…
Your team has a workspace on a Pro trial. All the bases within that workspace have the benefits of the Pro plan.

However, when you create a new workspace, it will be a free plan workspace.
It’s a completely separate, isolated workspace that is not tied in any way to your team’s workspace.

It will remain free until you either (1) upgrade to a Free/Plus/Pro plan, or (2) enter an Enterprise agreement with Airtable.

In short, you won’t have to pay for anything to get your own workspace going!

Yes, that’s correct.

When you created the workspace, you entered the 14-day trial for the Pro plan, but after that time is over, you’ll just be downgraded to the free plan.

But at its core, you will always be able to utilize the full foundational functionality of the Airtable platform.

Awesome…thanks so much!

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