No print preview from Mac computers?

I am not a Mac user but I have 2 people in my group who are. In trying to help them learn to use our new base I have discovered that, even after downloading the Mac desktop version of Airtable, we can’t generate a print preview the way I can with my PC. I tried both the Airtable “Print view” that I typically use and I tried their File, Print function. Other Mac users out there - are you able to generate a print preview or do you just have to blindly print a couple of versions to see whether it will fit on the page?

Sorry to see that this didn’t get a more prompt reply. I don’t get a preview in the Mac desktop application, or from Safari, but printing from Chrome gives me a preview.

However, I just noticed something odd. If I use the Command-P hotkey in Chrome, I get the same preview-less dialog that I get from the desktop app and Safari. If I use the menu option, though, I get the dialog with a preview. Safari’s Print menu option also brings up a different dialog that has what I believe is supposed to be a preview, but it’s mostly blank, only one page, and completely different than the preview-enabled dialog in Chrome. Very strange.

Long story short: try printing from Chrome using the menu instead of the hotkey. :slight_smile: