NoBull app/Webflow integration: Validation failed/site not published

Hello Airtablers,

I’m totally stuck with the NoBull extension. When I go to publish the base to Webflow I get this notification:

Also, the ‘Bio’ section won’t update. I.e the data doesn’t pull through to Webflow. Is this because I’ve setup the categories incorrectly?

Appreciate your help on this.


Hi Hamish,

Unfortunately, the NoBull error messages are not very helpful.

If you try PowerImporter instead, you will get a detailed log that will tell you the details of that validation error and the steps to resolve it.

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Hi JudoHacker,

Yes, painful indeed. A dev from the Webflow community has recommended Make as an alternative, however, I’d need to pay for AirTable to run scripts out to this. Hmmm.

Cheers though!

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