Node Diagram To Help with Visualization


As my base builds it’s slowly becoming more evident that a node diagram can help me visualize all of the relations created. Does anyone know if it’s possible to do this with Airtable? If not, then I guess this would be a feature request.



Hi Dave!

This is definitely a feature we’re considering adding. Do you have any visual examples of how you might want a node diagram in Airtable to represent relationships between tables?


Hi Katherine,

Check out Jason Woltz’s post on Feb 17 here…


I’ve found this post while searching for a visual help for my messy database: I am a cheff in a School. For planning the meals I am using four different tables: (1)ingredients: prices, (2)ingredients: amounts for recipes, (3)recipes and (4)menu planning day by day. Example: for a portion of rice I need 90 g rice, 3 g rice and 180 ml water. On day X I’ll cook 100 rices. The cost of the 100 rices is: 10090g2€/1000g. The price of the rice is in table 1, the needed amount for one portion in table 2, the list of the recipes in table 3 and the amound of needed recipes on every given day in table 4. So I can simply calculate the costs for ingredients but also the turnover on every given day. The relationship works also the other way around: to get a little discount I buy ingredients in bigger packs. But sometimes big packs are bigger then the needed amount in one week. So my expenses for ingredients in that specific week will be higher then the costs for ingredients in this week. So to calculate my working capital I need the data from menu planning table multiplied with the needed amounts for the recipes in the ingredient prices table.

Long story short: I have an n-1-n-n relationships-database and it’s tricky to stay organized. What would help my when implementing a new function, would be a relationship diagram like FileMaker has: image

I don’t understand daves quote though. What do barcodes have to do with visualization of relationships?