Non-anonymous forms

Is it possible to make a form that requires authentification in order to make sure that “Created by” is populated when the form is submitted?

I also strongly need this.

In the “share” option of the form (pro plan), you can specify that the email of the connected user should belong to a specific domain name. In this cas, auth would be forced.

But for the moment, it is impossible for me to access to this data. By Scripting, the value of “session” variable is “not initialized”, so it is not possible to access the user login.

If you would like to have a login page for your form, we’ve created a tool that allows you to build that. It automatically links every form submission to its creator.

Is there a way to avoid two authentications ? (one to AirTable and one to your form)

Could it work with Google auth ?

The login page works by using records in Airtable as the users. The users would not make miniExtensions accounts. Instead, a user’s login would be a record in Airtable. We go over how this works in detail in the video.

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