Nonprofit Looking for Airtable Consultant to Finesse CRM

I’ve built out a base with most of the sections I think we need. I’d like to collaborate with a consultant to come in to finesse it a bit based on the architecture I’ve built out to accomplish our goals. This will include, at least: All Contributions, People, Foundations, Grants, Interactions and a couple other tables. I want to ensure I’ve set it up well, to make as much automated as possible (we’ll be connecting our base to our donation platform, mailchimp, gmail, ideally website/cookies), and that the right information lives in the right place so we can scale.

If that sounds like something you’re interested in helping with, please let me know! Thank you!!

Being an experienced Airtable consultant, I can say with great confidence that what you are wanting done is well within my area of expertise.
You can reach me on
Best Wishes and Have a great day ahead,

Hi there,

I am familiar with the requirements you have posted.

It would be highly appreciated if you can make one Skype call regarding the task which you want to accomplish with best quality with affordable price.

My rates are too Nominal and you will be delighted with the service.

I am looking forward for your kind attention.

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Hi @Marketing_Team

I definitely can help you to build out that base you mention.

We can use all the automation features inside Airtable, like scripting block or the new button beta combined with scripting block, even a custom block, depending on the budget and needs.

If you need something to be done automatically, we can use, of course, Zapier, Integromat, Parabola, or even use the new Airtable automation feature.

And if something gets in the middle, we are expert developers, so we have used AWS Lambda or Google Apps Script to solve different integration problems, Zapier code, airtable scripting block, and many other solutions for your various workflows are part of our day-to-day.

I´m an Upwork top-rated plus consultant:

  • 100% Job Success
  • Upwork - Top Rated Plus (only 3% of top-rated freelancers)
  • 5 Star Rates
  • Expert in Airtable / Zapier / Google Apps Script

To show you what I can do, here you have some links so you can see my work:

Feel free to schedule a free introduction call in the next link

I would be glad to talk about your project,


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