Not a developer but thought I would ask if scripting can do this

As many would of done, I got the email today regarding scripting. I cant do the webinar due to it being 6am on a Saturday here in Australia but before I spend to much time researching this can scripts work off a submitted form to automatically create links to other tabs?

We currently have this as manual process on our Real Estate base where a form is submitted with property details etc. We then have to manually copy the property address and put in in upto 2 new columns depending on a status column. This allows the linking and lookups created to work on other tabs.

If not, thats fine, just thought I would ask because this would help us immensely in automating stuff!

Hi @Micheal_Ward, I’ll let someone else chime in about a particular script, but wanted to let you know that we’ll be recording the webinar. Happy to share the link with you once it’s available so you can watch!


Currently, this isn’t possible as scripts can’t be automatically triggered in response to events. However, it sounds like your workflow could still benefit from the scripting block, as you could write a script that performs the linking (and applying any conditional logic) on all new records with a single button click, rather than having to manually go through each new record to do this.

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Yes please! Im relatively new to all things programming so I just wanted to see what was possible with scripting atm.

I thought about that but it still has the human interaction. Staff still have things they need to do in this view so will be actively working on the record so adding the link isnt an issue per say, I just wanted to take the human element out of it so we dont have to wait for that human interaction for it to appear on other tabs.

Could I be cheeky and ask for a possible script template for me to throw in a test base and play around with? Totally new to programming of any sorts so wouldnt know where to start! lol

There are some examples in the block itself! You can find more information on the support article:

In your case, the “Record template” example might be the most useful, as it’s an example of how to create linked records.

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Hi @Micheal_Ward, sorry for the delay but the webinar recording is now available to watch:

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