Not able to add record in related table in form view

When I’m adding records, and I need to add a record in a related table, I have the option to do so through the gallery view but not in the form view. I would like to have that option in the form view as well. How?

You cannot edit or add new records from the form builder version of a Form view, and you can’t add new records in the related table from the shared version of a Form view either.

You’ll have to do that from another view.

What do you mean with the “form builder version”? Is there any way I can add records in a form view?

Hover your mouse over the submit button. If it tells you you can’t submit your changes, that means you’re in the form builder. At the top of the screen it should say open form which will take you to the shared version of the form View.

Since you can’t submit record via the form Builder, shared version of a form doesn’t let you add new records to a related table, again, no you’ll have to use a different View

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Wow, that’s really surprising. Thanks!

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