Not able to automate linking records


I have a base that has two tables with linked records.
Table1 fields : Name, Number, Sum (linked to table2)

Table2 fields: Name, record, Table1, Total (roll up value of each category of name)

This works beautifully manually, for every new record i create in Table1. But has been failing in automation.

This is what I am doing:
Trigger on new record creation:

Note: in table 2 I have a row with unique “name” from table 1.
In this action I am trying to find the record with name == name of the record created.

And finally,

Update the field “sum” in Table1 with the record found in previous step.

The tests pass, but actually fails when a new record is created. Screenshot below.

Apparently, it’s an invalid filter on the record.

It appears simple and at this point I do not know how to fix it OR why it’s not working. Can any one assist in getting this to work please?

Thank you.

Unless your data is being filled via form, API, or other external/automatic process, the problem is the trigger.

“When record is created” fires immediately after the record is created. If you’re filling in records via Airtable’s GUI then when you hit the “new record” button, at the moment the record was created then there is no value in the Name field and therefore nothing to copy into the link field.

You need to select a trigger that accounts for having a value in the Name field. “When record matched conditions” may not be the best solution because the automation will fire when you type “t” into the field and won’t wait until you’re finished (because it does not know when you are finished).

There are several threads that describe workarounds for this. Search the forums for “time delay automation” or “when record matches conditions”.


Indeed that was the trick. Thanks a bunch!

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