Not all table columns loaded to Power BI

Only 57 out of 98 columns are loaded through the query HERE in Power BI. Does anyone know how can this be fixed?

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I have the same issue! I’m using the M code provided by Airtable and it works fine, except that only about half of the fields are being captured. There seems to be no correlation to data type, column order, anything. It affects all bases. Any help would be appreciated!

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Aha! After some testing I determined that the columns weren’t being imported because they contained no data. I had built the structure in Airtable but hadn’t populated it with much data, and once I had entered some input, the columns were available through Power Query. Hope that helps!


Thanks Sam for the feedback! in my case the columns I’m missing contains plenty of data.

Similar issue here. Columns with almost no data wheren’t being imported, since I populated the empty fields with dummy values they showed up in Power Query.

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Same here, had this issue with Excel too. Tried different field types to see if there’s any pattern, but no luck.

So, do I need to populate empty fields with something in order for the column to be pulled through?

Yep, I suggest you populate each column with a “TEST” value or similar, and then in PQ you can filter it right out to ensure you’ve got the right data.