Not possible to use 2 link columns to the same table?


I’m working on a small base for managing a group of employees. In Table 1 I have a list of all the employees and their contact information, and in Table 2 I have a list of all the projects the group is working on. Table 2 has columns for “Team Lead” and “Team Members”, both of which would ideally reference Table 1 so I can select the names of the employees. In an ideal world, I would imagine this creates two columns in Table 1 that lists any projects they are assigned as lead for, and any they’re just working on.

But after adding the Team Lead link to Table 1, when I add the Team Members link it immediately unlinks the first column and makes it text only. Is there no ability to use the same table for multiple link references on another table in the same base?


It seems to be working for me…though maybe I’m trying something different.

So I’ve got a first table People and then another table Projects. In the Projects table there are two columns that both link back into the People table: one column for Team Leader and another for Team Members. And although I’ve only just started putting data in, it seems to be working for me.


You can definitely create as many link-to-table columns between the same two tables as you’d like. Not sure what exactly you’re encountering, but if you post specific screenshots we could figure out what’s going on.