Not sure how to calculate a price of a workspace I'm trying to scope

I need to make a workspace where there will be a few different bases and with a bunch of different users not all having access to all bases.
Some people will need access to the whole workspace, but then there is some that only will need access to 2 out of 3 bases within the workspace.

What I can’t figure out is how Airtable calculates usage if the same person will be invited to 2 bases will that count as 2 x user or will it calculate as one user as it’s the same user within the one workspace?

You’re charged by the number of users in the workspace. The number of bases or bases they use shouldn’t matter.

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This is how Airtable support explained it to me, which helped clarify things:

In Airtable, workspaces are upgraded, not accounts. There are no premium users in Airtable, only premium workspaces. When a workspace is upgraded to Pro, all bases in the workspace will get Pro features. The cost of this upgrade and any continued price adjustments over time depend on the number of people who can edit (or comment on) at least one base in the workspace. Read-only collaborators or people submitting forms are free.

All initial and ongoing charges for the workspace are charged to the payment card uploaded by a workspace “owner.” Collaborators accessing that Pro workspace do not pay for their access. If those same collaborators have their own workspaces that aren’t on a premium plan, those workspaces will continue to have free features. Workspace plan changes are automatically prorated, accounting for the addition and removal collaborators, as well as plan switches. On both monthly and annual plans, Airtable bills or credits for any changes once per month.

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Airtable has workspace collaborators and base collaborators.

  • If someone needs access to all the bases in the workspace at the same permission level (e.g. creator, editor), add that person as a workspace collaborator.
  • For everyone else, add them as base collaborators, with the appropriate level of permissions.

If someone is a base collaborator for multiple bases in the same workspace, that person still counts as only one billable collaborator.

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Thank you everyone, it was this answer I was looking for.
If someone is in my pro workspace is added multiple bases within that workspace, but they still count as one user.

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