Not sure how to create this table

I have a main table that consists of transactions. I created a second linked table where the main column is “Year”. I created rollup fields to count the number of transactions in each year and the associated revenue. (ex. 2018, 46 Transactions, $3,000,00)
I’m now trying to break that down further. I want to count number of transactions by type (Landlord Rep, Tenant Rep and so on) in that year and then their associated revenue. (ex. 2018, 23 transactions were Landlord Rep Transactions, and $1,500,000 revenue ).
I’m stuck - can’t seem to figure out how to formulate this. Any direction would be very much appreciated!

I am not 100% sure how to formulate this but for a quick fix, perhaps you could create a single select field for for type with landlord rep, tenant etc. Then just group by type and it will automatically tell you the no. of transactions in each group and the total.

maybe not exactly what you’re looking for but it may work in the meantime!