Not sure which formula to use - HELP PLEASE!


So, what I need feels a bit complicated, but maybe I’m overlooking something. I have a multipage sheet tracking members. I have it broken down my state and what category of member they fall into. So our main sheet has all of that info and then the category types are linked to another separate table and then there’s another linked column with state that has it’s own table. So I know I can pull the states that are associated with the different categories and vice versa, and even get a count of how many members are in the various states or different categories, but what I’d like to see is a count of how many of each category type are in each state. For example, I want to see how many of our sponsors are in NY, WY, NC, etc.
Is that possible?
I tried count formulas to count how many times NY appears for each category type, but I can’t seem to figure it out so it counts the number of times the state value appears from a linked table or lookup column.



Simply because this has given you so much trouble, I suspect the solution falls into a category of Airtable challenge I call “possible but non-intuitive.” Unfortunately, I’m having trouble unpacking your description well enough to be able to offer concrete suggestions. Would it be possible for you to post a shared base link (with copying enabled) to your base? (Feel free to duplicate the base, delete most of the data, and post a link to the duplicate. Alternatively, you can send a shared base link to me directly as a private message by clicking on my avatar and then selecting ‘message’.)


Thank you!

I’m hoping these attachments help. It only lets me put one image in a post so I will reply again with the other.
Basically, I have members from 22 states. Each member falls into one or more categories as far as what type of member they are. I can currently see how many members are in each state, but not the breakdown of what states are represented for each category.
For example, say Joe A. is in the government/public agency category and he is from Wyoming. He is represented in the numbers for the category and for the state. But what I can’t see is how many people from Wyoming are in the government/public agency category or vice versa - I want to see a cross section of that data. Does that help?



It would be easier to work from a copy of the base itself. You can provide a shared link by opening the base, clicking Share (upper right of your screen, at the same level as the table tabs), and choosing “Shared base link.”



I was able to remove most of the sensitive information. You can use this link. Please let me know when you have it so I can delete it from the forum.


Got it! (Instead of — or in addition to — deleting it from the forum, you can return to the ‘share’ screen and deactivate the share [or generate a new share].)


By the way, I am helping someone else with this, I did not build this table originally. I appreciate your help. :slight_smile:


Thanks! To keep from boring the rest of the forum, I’m responding via private messaging. (Click your avatar and then ‘Messages’ to get to your inbox.)