Not working: Linking a multiple select field to another table


I have a form that “Exhibitors” select one or more dates (Multiple select) linked to the “Event” table. But the “Event” table does not fill the “Exhibitors” that selected them.

The Event table names are the same as the Multiple select list. Any tips on this?


They would have to choose the events from a “Linked Record” field, not from a “Multiple Select” field. They would be choosing the records from a different table, not just a Multi select option that represents a record.

You need to create a “Linked Records” field that is linked to your “Events” table.


Thanks - here’s my dilemma:

This is for an art market.

I have artists that sign up for one or more of 12 shows a year. I need a count of each artist’s “art medium” (painting, ceramics, jewelry etc) for each month.

The artists and months have their own tables. Any tips on creating fields in the Months table showing how many " art mediums of each there are?


Looks like this currently.