Note Taking App

What note taking app are you using to simply take notes or wiki (Markdown ?) into AirTable ?

I have in mind Notable or Evernote where the UI is dedicated to notes but would be stored in AirTable.

If you use iOS or MacOS devices, Drafts would be an excellent choice for this.

It labels itself as the place “Where text starts”, and allows you to build your own “actions” to send that text where you want it to go. So, for example, you could build an action that sends the text to Airtable Via the API - and I bet if you got creative, you could get the action to recognize tags (say following a # ) and convert them to options in a multi-select field.

Drafts is a great tool for text automation. But it is only available for Apple devices.

Unfortunatly I’m on Windows
But I think there is something to improve in AirTable Mobile App or provide a sync with note apps