Notifications in Interface Designer (and opening them without leaving the interface)

I made a task manager with the new interface designer. Basically a record list from a “tasks table”. It is indeed way more interesting to look at the rows of that table displayed as an interface.

Unfortunately, I’m afraid my team will be unable to look at their notifications from that view. If they go back to bases (enabling them to look at notifications again) and open a notification, it will open a regular airtable card, which could be confusing for some people.

I wonder if there’s a widget to put notifications in the interface, or maybe just the notifications regarding the table behind that particular interface. So when someone is mentioned in a row and that person opens the notification, it just refreshes the interface with the new row (displayed as an interface).

Thanks for this update, really appreciated.


Hi @FELIPE_GRIEBEL and welcome to the community!

At this point, there isn’t.

Would also like to see this, notifications brought into interface. A bell in the top right hand corner.