Notifications to inform collaborators of changes/updates to records


Hoping to find a way to have notifications sent when a record is modified. As of now we have a large database of projects that consist of multiple components that change frequently. As my team designs graphics around specific products, when those products may change, lose inventory, or receive other updated information, the designs need to change to reflect that. Is there a way to have a specific column/field trigger notifications to collaborators when it is modified so every individual isn’t required to be constantly auditing all of the content to check for changes?



I can’t think of a great built in way to do this, unless your team is constantly working in Airtable (as in, they have it open on their desktops throughout the day). If that’s the case, then you can use the “Chime” block – create views that filter to show records that meet the criteria for particular notifications, and then create a chime that triggers when a record enters that view.

For example, if you have a “Design Submitted” checkbox field and a “Design Reviewed” checkbox field, you could create a view that filters to show records where {Design Submitted} = True AND {Design Reviewed} = False. Create a Blocks dashboard for your Reviewers that has a Chime block that triggers when a new record enters this filtered view, and they will know when a new Design is ready for review.

Another option is available if your team is using Slack, or some other communication tool that integrates with You can set up Zapier to send a message to a Slack Channel (say, a specific “Designs Ready for Review” channel) when a new record enters a view – so using that same filtering method, create views that a record will only enter at a specific point in its workflow lifetime, and when it enters that view, have Zapier send a message to the specific Slack channel set up for notifying the individuals that need to be notified.