Notifications window - include name of the Base with the notification

My issue is my Notification window shows notifications for issues and errors with automation across entire workspace. If there are multiple clones of the same base, it is impossible to tell which notification is for which base. I have to click on the notification and it takes me to the base. That’s OK if I have time to deal with all, but if all is want I want to focus on the issues for a specific base, I can’t tell which is which.

Yes, sure, I can change the name of the automation but it won’t help once I copy clone the base, I will need to rename all the automations.

It would be nice if there was name of the base under the date/time of the notification.



If you click on the notification, it should jump you into the right base.

But I agree that it would be convenient to see the base name there, too.

Yes, it does jump, but that’s the problem, jumping around like a fox.