Notifying A TEAM of collaborators


Hey All!

Here’s what I’d like to do, not sure HOW…

Notify Teams of people at once when a new record is added.

I have a list of team members, working on multiple projects. For example:

Bob works on project 1 and 2
Bill works on project 1 and 3
Sally works on project 2 and 3

I want to assign people to these projects as a TEAM. For example:

Project 1 - Team 1(multiple people linked)
Project 2 - Team 2 (multiple people linked)
Project 3 - Team 3 (multiple people linked)

Then when I add a record - have a field that has TEAM as an option, and when I select Team 1, all people associated with Team 1 would get a notification. The same way as a collaborator field would do but with this Team group.

I can see making the groups with people and linking the tables, but how do I get the Team selection to send out the notification.

Thanks in advance for any/all help!