Number confusion for phone numbers


When I enter a string of numbers, the app confuses it for a phone number or some link. this made it impossible to delete the database or modify.


What is the column configured to be? Is it text or a generic number maybe? I’ve never personally seen a field get formatted as a phone number runless the column is specifically told that phone numbers will be entered.


As Dean said, only when numbers are entered in a phone number field should they be automatically formatted as phone numbers. Ten-digit numbers typed into a phone number field will get formatted as (XXX) XXX-XXXX, though any other number strings won’t, e.g., if the string doesn’t have exactly ten digits.

I’m a little concerned by what you mean when you say that entering a string of numbers causes it to be “impossible to delete the database”—could you elaborate on this a little bit?


Dear Katherine:

The problem is having string of numbers in the text field, single or multi-line. What happens is when I try to change the number, because it became a phone number with underlining, I cannot backspace it to delete or change it. It only gave me a dialogue box that says “complete action using Skype, phone or hangout dialer” The length of the string of letters seems to be random. I have one with 11 numbers with a – in between, and 12 numbers with 2 “-“ in between, and I have one with 7 numbers only.

I uses this for inventory or bank accounts noting the account numbers or the item number, and that gave problem.



@Franklin_Tseng - Can you provide a screenshot that shows the column type and some values below it like you mentioned that are varied lengths and still formatted as phone numbers errantly? That might help.



Please see attached. I have tried this and after the 6 number, the underlining and change of color to make it a phone number will occur. This is a long text field. This same problem happened in the single line and multi-line fields.

Thanks for your looking into this.


Please look at the field “specialty”


Still no fix? I’m having the same issues.