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I’m in the process of creating a form the interested clients can fill out and submit. One of the fields is a Number (Integer) and I wanted to know if there was a way to give a maximum value. We don’t want to accept the entry if the value in this field is over 100. As far as I know, there is no way to pop up a message or to prevent the entry from being submitted. We would not want the client to proceed with all of the actions driven by the form if their numeric value is greater than 100.
I know I can use a formula to determine if the value is greater than 100, but I don’t know how I could use that formula in a form.

Thanks in advance.

Data validation isn’t available in Airtable, unfortunately. If you have a Google account (or other survey/form service), you can use an automation to pull the form data:

Thanks for the info, Andy.

Your best bet is to use a third party form tool for data validation.

However, it is possible to configure an Airtable form so that it cannot be submitted if a number is too high. This involves the use of a required, conditional single select field that has no options.

  • Conditionally show the single-select only if the number field is over 100.
  • Make the single-select required, but give it no options so that the form cannot be submitted.
  • Display the single-select as a list to hide the drop-down.
  • Edit the label name and/or help text for the single select to provide feedback to the user.
  • If you also have a minimum value, adjust the conditions for the single-select accordingly.

This system is not nearly as robust as a proper form tool with actual data validation. The error text that Airtable shows when the user tries to submit the form when the number is too high will be confusing to the user. However, this system does work if you cannot use a 3rd party tool.


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Thank you, Kuovonne!

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