Numbers and currency fields treat blank as 0

I want to show a message if a number field is blank. 0 is a valid, non-blank entry. I’m using the formula
IF({Number}=BLANK(),"Blank","Not Blank")
where {Number} is an integer. What I’m seeing is that blank values and 0 values are treated the same in this formula. That is, the formula field shows “Blank” for both empty values and 0 values. I would expect this to show “Not Blank” for 0 values.

Conditional formatting will highlight only the empty values, which is what I would expect. So the concept exists.

Is there something missing or is this a bug? Any workarounds?

Welcome to the Airtable community. This is a known issue. The workaround is to convert the number into a string, and then test based on that.

IF( {Number} & "", "Not Blank", "Blank")
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Thank you! That will solve my issue!

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