Numbers in Long Text cannot be edited (Samsung S10+) as the phone constantly tries to dial them?

I am setting up a way of sharing frequencies with colleagues, an example of this in long text would be:

“FX1 - 730.000
FX2 - 731.000
FX3 - 783.675
FX4 - 784.575
FX5 - 785.555
FX6 - 787.050”

I’ve had to resort to using the website to enter them, which is fine whilst I’m not on the road - however the idea is for these tables to be constantly updated from people on the road.

The problem does not seem to exist for people with iPhones, but androids are affect. I’ve searched through settings in my phone and cannot find any way of stopping it, but it doesn’t happen in any other app so maybe is an Airtable problem?

Help please!