Numeric range search?


I am creating a database for raffle ticket sales. 1 person typically buys many tickets. Is there a way to have one record per person and then add a numeric field where the range is searchable? For example, Bruno Mars bought ticket numbers 100-150. I would like to add one row for Bruno Mars and a field for numerical ticket range(100-150). I then need to be able to search for numbers within that range. I would need to search and find ticket 125 is associated with Bruno Mars.

Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated. I am tracking tickets sales for a non-profit fundraiser that is coming up soon.


I would do this:

  • number Field for start number: 100
  • number Field for end number: 150
  • Create a View for the searches, with 2 filters: start number is equal or lower than 125, end number is higher or equal thank 125